What We Do

Firstly we do not diagnose. All health conditions should be referred initially to a doctor or health care professional. Our approach should not be seen as a substitute for seeking medical attention, but complimentary to this.

The Medical model focuses on the defect or dysfunction within the patient, using a problem-solving approach. Medical history, physical examination and diagnostic tests provide the basis for the identification and treatment of a specific illness. The medical model is thus focused on the physical and biological aspects of specific diseases and conditions.

Our model is an holistic approach in which each person is unique and therefore requires a unique healing approach tailored to their specific needs.

An holistic assessment of the problem would involve looking at all dimensions of the person i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and considers multiple causes for the problems experienced by the client.

So, what happens when you come to us?

We will have an initial meeting with you. This will be free of charge.

This will give us the opportunity to explain in more detail how we work, and for you to discuss your symptoms and ask any questions. Any information recorded at this meeting and thereafter will remain strictly confidential.

If we mutually decide we can work together, we will discuss a programme of healing. Some conditions may only require hands-on healing and Ian will provide this. With other conditions Janis will conduct a deeper exploration of the underlying reasons for your symptoms and ways in which you can resolve them. This may be carried out in conjunction with hands-on healing.

All clients will be seen in the comfort of our healing room.


Animal Healing

Animals respond very well to healing. Ian has experienced a lot of success with this and is very happy to provide this service.

The Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1966 prohibits anyone who is not a Registered Veterinary Surgeon from practising veterinary surgery. Before treating an animal we will seek assurance from the owner that the animal has been seen by a Vet. The Vet remains in charge of the case and we will not countermand any instructions or medicines prescribed by the Vet. The Protection of Animals Act 1911 states that there is an obligation on anyone aware that an animal is clearly in need of veterinary treatment to advise the owner to do this.

Telephone Number 01736 359 072

Email Address contact@mind-body-healing.co.uk

Address Oaklea, Madron, Penzance, Cornwall, TR20 8SR

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